Living History | F14

Fall 2014 Project Description:  As an essential transportation hub since the mid-1800s, The City of Jackson is filled
with historic buildings and sites. Yet there is a general lack ofappreciation for the benefits of preserving historic homes and other structures in the community. 

Open Data Policy | W14, F14

Fall 2014 Project Description:  In June of 2014, as a result of a CID student project, the City of Jackson adopted the first open data ordinance in the state of Michigan.  Now the City Manager has one year to implement policies and systems to carry out the requirements of the ordinance.

Welcome to Jackson! | F14

Fall 2014 Project Description: Welcoming new city residents is an opportunity to share essential information and encourage active participation in the community. What is important to new residents to our community? How can we determine those needs so that they feel welcomed, informed, and are glad this is their new home?

Art Finder | F14

Fall 2014 Project Description: Develop a tool to allow the public to identify existing and potential public art locations throughout Jackson.  The Jackson Arts and Cultural Alliance will use the resulting inventory to develop a community cultural plan and walking routes to promote public art.

Step by Step | F14

Fall 2014 Project Description: There is strong evidence that social support systems in a community setting are an effective way to get people to be more physically active . Whether the support is highly structured or less formal, those with a source of social support are more likely to participate in physical activity than individuals without such support.

Child Immunization | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description: This project aims to improve adolescent vaccination rates in Jackson county. The Jackson County Health Department currently mails reminders (called recalls) to parents of children with out-of-date vaccinations on a quarterly basis. These reminders are generated by the statewide immunization registry, known as the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR).

Connecting with Citizens | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description:  The City of Jackson subscribes to Blackboard Connect, a mass notification system with a variety of mechanisms for distributing and collecting information from citizens. Emergency notifications, personalized community updates ,and citizen polling and feedback are available for text, phone, and email channels. Yet few City departments utilize this product for citizen interaction.

Digital Cemeteries Archive | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description:  Like the grave sites themselves, cemetery records are fascinating historical artifacts that are a little scary to investigate. Currently, an index card filing system tracks ownership and occupancy of graves, along with grave sites from the mid 1800s penciled into log books. This system requires extensive time from staff to locate information for families and genealogists.

Maps & Apps | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description:  The City holds extensive data that the public owns but never sees. Brownfield sites, road construction projects, property information, and polling locations all help citizens better understand their community, especially when presented via maps. While it isn't intentionally hidden, the City doesn't provide a convenient window for public consumption and manipulation of the data.

Master Plan Public Involvement | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description:  The Master Plan guides community development efforts over a long period (typically five to ten years). The City of Jackson is working with a planning firm to update the Master Plan, which includes collecting input from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders on their concerns, goals, and vision for the city.

Tips by Text | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description:  Anonymous tips are an important information source for police in investigating crimes. While they offer a tip hotline for voice calls, they haven't pursued other common channels of communication as opportunities for tips. This requires considering appropriate technology for the audience and simple methods for submission.

Where is the Bus When? | W14

Winter 2014 Project Description:  Jackson Area Transportation Authority (JATA) provides bus service on eight routes throughout the city. Routes and schedules are printed and distributed on the buses, but there has been little effort to share this information through newer media channels. As a result, people don't have the basic information they need to ride the bus.